Reach the right Youtube Influencer with InstantScrape

InstantScrape helps marketing agencies quickly and accurately scrape YouTube for creator's name and email by keywords, saving time and resources.

With InstantScrape, you can find the right creators for your campaigns in just 15 minutes.

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Features of InstantScrape

Super-fast results

Get the data you need in 15 minutes or less with InstantScrape’s fast and reliable YouTube scraping.

Accurate and reliable results

With InstantScrape you get accurate search results for YouTube creators, including name and email address.

Easy to use Interface

With an intuitive design page, even beginners can start using InstantScrape without any hassle.

Reasonable Cost

Instantscrape offers a reasonable price point, so you can get the data you need without worrying about the cost.

Find the right creators for your needs in 15 Minutes

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    Buy the InstantScrape plan that fits your needs

    Select the plan that best fits your needs depending on the number of emails you need in the quickest way possible.

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    Input your Search query

    Type in your keyword in the search box and choose the number of emails you need to find your target audience.

  • 3

    Get Youtube mails – Scraped and Delivered on your mail

    Your search query will be scraped within 15 minutes with no duplicates delivered on your mail, so you can find the creators you need in record time.

Choose your best plan

Tailor-made pricing categories to grow your business without worrying about costs


/ month

Get 1000 Highly Targeted Mails of Youtube channels, from your target industry, in $49 only.

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/ month

Get 2500 Highly Targeted Mails of Youtube channels, from your target industry, in $99 only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is InstantScrape?

InstantScrape is a scrapper for Marketing agencies to scrape the youtube for creators for a specific keyword within 15 minutes in your email.

How does InstantScrape work?

InstantScrape is powered by a set of predefined rules and algorithms that help marketing agencies scrape youtube quickly and accurately. Just enter your keyword and receive a list of creators who have created content related to that keyword within 15 minutes in your email.

What are the benefits of using InstantScrape?

InstantScrape helps save time and money for your marketing agency, as it offers accurate, up-to-date data that can be used immediately. Time and money saved can be applied to other projects.

What is the accuracy of InstantScrape?

InstantScrape is powered by our proprietary algorithms which offers around 100% accuracy, meaning you can be sure that you are getting the most accurate data possible.

The Ultimate Youtube Scraper

Find the creators you need, scrapped and delivered in 15 minutes